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Get 9 Proven Email Marketing Swipe Files!
These Powerful Email Swipe Files are Proven to Earn You More Money with Your Email Marketing Strategy. Simply Use These Plug-n-Play Email Templates to Create Money Making Email Sequences that Turn Your Readers into Paying Customers!
This is a 5 Day Email Sequence for introducing and selling your new offer to your audience. The emails consist of the Origin Story Epiphany, New Opportunity Epiphany, Internal Belief Epiphany, External Belief Epiphany and the Stack.
This is a 3-Day Email Sequence for a Limited-Time Sale of your product or service. It introduces the sale price and builds urgency to purchase before the Flash Sale ends. 
This is a 7-Day Email Sequence that tells a story that entertains your new reader and most importantly builds trust. This allows your reader to be much more receptive to taking you up on your offer when you're ready to place one in front of them.
This is a 3-Day Email Sequence that leads a prospect to come back to the order that they did not complete. It builds urgency and also incentivizes them to make the purchase. 
This is a 3-Day Email Sequence for a Post Purchase Product Survey. This will allow you get valuable feedback from your customer, and gives you an opportunity to find a great case study to highlight.
This is a 13-Day Email Sequence building up to your mini-class launch. It consists of content build up to open cart day.
This is a 3-Day Email Sequence to get important testimonials from satisfied customers. Use these testimonials on your sales pages to increase sales.
This is 1-Email to use as a subscriber indoctrination email. Use this to introduce them to your company and to let them know what to expect in the following email communications.
This is a 5-Day Email Sequence to entice your reader to purchase with the added bonuses to your offer. This sequence has two "final deadline" emails to push your prospect to make a decision today.
No More Guessing on What to Send Out to Your Email List! Use these 9 Proven High Converting Email Script Templates to sell More and Wake up to Passive Automated Sales!
GET YOUR 9 Plug-n-Play Email Templates to Increase Sales in Your Business TODAY!
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